One of our values as a company is to be free of contaminants

Our ecology is crucial for the development of any division in our company. We as a company must reduce the impact and harm our products have on the world.

As a leading brand in hygiene products, for both public and private markets, Ontex believes that part of our success is contributed to the honesty and care of the environment.

"Our goal is to always meet our customer’s needs. Sustainability is engrained in our business and products, always thinking ahead for our client’s safety, and for generations to come."

Annick De Poorter,
Group R&D, Director
Quality control of Group I+D

We are committed to:

  • Producing Earth friendly products thanks to the integration of our materials made from a natural biodegradable origin.

  • Reducing our energy consumption.

  • Reducing our water consumption and reusing our water to nurture our eco-system.

  • Controlling and reducing our waste management.

  • Contributing to reforestation programs.

Since 2002 our company has fulfilled local certification standards of "Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente, known as PROFEPA." A clean industry, meeting government ecological standards as a company.

Our Alliances

"Every contribution is welcome when it comes to love for life"

BioBaby has taken action in reforestation projects. BioBaby also participated by protecting the monarch butterfly in ecological reserves in Michoacan, Mexico.

Our dedication to care for the environment has even had an influence in outside providers and companies we do business regularly with.

BioBaby is very considerate with what companies we choose to do business with. It is important we only choose companies that are serious, dedicated, committed, and impulsed to meet life and Earth’s needs.

However, being an Earth friendly company is not enough. It takes heart, mind, and will power to not only meet regulations but find solutions to Earth and consumer needs.

Our business alliances are committed to a better life and a better world, as it has shown through their actions, and way of business.

Did you know?

A percentage of our energy at Ontex comes from wind mills. Our wind mills not only generate energy for production, but also human consumer energy in the company. This type energy is abundant, renewable, economic, clean, and helps prevent coal generating gas emission, and fossil fuels, making it safer for the environment.

Wind Mill Park PIER II Esperanza, Puebla, México.

Resource Agreement

Our product is so precise in size that it helps reduce diaper use due to its abundance. With less diaper use, our clients actually save money with a longer lasting product, hence less waste impact.

No Worries

One of our customer worries is where this product goes after its use. Not to worry only about 5% of our product is actual waste. Bio Baby is made up of biodegradable materials.

More than 90% of the cellulose pulp used in Ontex is ecological. This pulp is extracted produced and shipped from the United States and Scandonavia. Our recycling percentage in Europe is superior to 85%. If you’re interested in learning more about Ontex sustainability, please visit:

SA8000 Norm Certification

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