Leader in Private Brands

Ontex has solid leadership in the development of brands for some of the biggest companies in Mexico and Central America, and it has been doing it for years.

A story of growth and learning, our expansion and results have allowed us to have an outstanding relationship with our clients, whom have permitted us to help them build their brands, differentiating them. Based on a deep understanding of consumer needs we have built our strategies.

As of now, we are developing private brand programs from the most important retailers of the region, especially in the baby diaper, feminine protection, and incontinence programs.

We are constantly finding intelligent solutions based on facts, understanding the complexity of the hygiene product sector. Above all this company seeks to understand the sensitivity of the markets we collaborate with, such as feminine, babies, and senior citizens.

Our commercial decisions count on a backup of experienced conducted in the investigation of markets and business intelligence. This company is not only investigating how to further development in Mexico, but also around the world. Our company has 2 production plants in Mexico. These 2 locations are strategically placed around the country to offer a better service.

Our production clients whom we collaborate with are loyal and supervised with a strict program that monitors quality control of our products so we can always meet customer standards.

We invest time in building relationships with these clients, creating long term relations, through sharing knowledge of products and design, positioning this brand into the right categories. Our retailers are back to back building marketing strategies and commercials to help build stronger brands.

Operating all over the world is what makes us your ideal partner to distribute both national and international.

If you wish to work with us, please send us a message from the contact page of our website.

Our specialty in distribution brands

Ontex makes intelligent business solutions for their distributing brands. We understand the complexity of the sectors and personal hygiene products within their markets.

Ontex gives well planned business solutions for distributors and helps them establish strong brands for baby, feminine protection, and incontinence in adult market.

This company constantly studies and listens to consumers in order to further understand market tendencies and technology. By doing this as a company we can be sure to meet customer needs and always be innovating according to the market.

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